• “This was my first time using Christopher Small’s legal services. During the initial consultation, I found him to be very informing, attentive and someone I could trust with my case. Throughout the legal process he kept me well informed of my case either by phone call or email, and with diligent work was able to get my case dismissed. Not only would I use him again, I would also refer him to any friend or colleague with a similar case.”

    – J.B.

  • “Excellent lawyer; totally concerned about his clients’ needs; excellent command on the subject matter; quickly returns calls/emails, reasonable fees; would recommend to anyone who is willing to listen to an expert. Highest quality of service.”

    – N.D.

  • “Full fee, full service. When on your way to Pullman, watch out for those cops in Colfax. A heartfelt thanks to the team @ ECLG… Way to go.”

    – A.N.

  • “I couldn’t believe the results you got on my case. The prosecutor was unprepared for a minor problem, you pounced all over it, and we walked out of court with a deal I thought we’d never get! Thanks!”

    – T.K.

  • “Exceptional service and results. This was my first engagement with them and Kate was professional, efficient and the results were exactly as expected. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. Well done!

    – S.S.

  • “Thanks again for your hard work on my case. My number one goal was to stay out of jail, and you completely exceeded that.”

    – K.C.

  • “Great Seattle DUI Attorney! I was charged with DUI while driving on I-405 near Bellevue. They did great work, were always available to answer questions, and if I ever need to, I’ll use them again. Thanks!

    – DUI Client

  • “When I got my DUI charge I thought I was done. But you worked hard for me, kept me completely in the loop, and got my charges significantly reduced. Thanks!”

    – J.M.

  • “Great DUI Attorney! Really Helped Me Out. I was charged with a DUI in Seattle after driving a little erratically. I did bad on the field sobriety tests and blew a pretty high number on the breath test. I was pretty worried about what was going to happen. And then I talked to Chris Small at Emerald City Law Group. He explained the process, was always there to answer my questions when I had them, and did a great job on my case. If you’re ever in trouble, give these guys a call.”

    – DUI Client

  • “I had two charges that were a bit more serious than most misdemenors. I was nervous and had never dealt with court before. Chris eliminated mutliple court dates and cut straight to the point with prosecuters. He worked out the best deal possible for me that not only kept me out of jail but had me paying a few small fines and one of the two charges dropped! All I can say is he is great and keeps you informed every step of the way. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation.”

    – A.P.

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